Summary of Taxation Responsibilities

One Voice requires the following registration numbers from each Isla Spotlight vendor prior to posting ecommerce listings: 

  • GST number 

  • BC PST number 

Tax authorities require these numbers to be displayed on sale invoices. Therefore Isla Spotlight is unable to process sales without these numbers. Isla Spotlight will honor ecommerce order fulfillment to every Canadian province or territory except Quebec. Isla Spotlight will fulfill orders to Manitoba and Saskatchewan, though will not actively solicit sales in those provinces. 

Isla Spotlight Responsibilities: 

  • One Voice will complete its due diligence to calculate and collect taxes on behalf of vendors according to the location of the buyer of goods and our knowledge of the appropriate tax class. Taxes and sales price, less any applicable commission deductions after individual thresholds have been reached, will be deducted.

  • See applicable tax tables here:

Vendor Responsibilities: 

  • Isla Spotlight vendors will be responsible for the remittance of appropriate taxes;

  • To disclose any known interprovincial restrictions (eg. distribution of food products without the appropriate license);

  • Vendors may withdraw funds monthly. Vendors will be provided with a breakdown of taxes calculated, including amounts for PST and GST.

Payments on Isla Spotlight will be taken in Canadian dollars (CAD) 


Isla Spotlight or One Voice is not an official source of accounting or legal counsel. We recommend that vendors consult a CPA if they require assistance with taxation responsibilities.