Vanessa Winn



Based on real people and events in history's margins, Trappings is a story of first love and second chances, in a time when women were only given one chance. Born to the Western fur trade and married at 18, Kate Work knows little of her husband's family in Nova Scotia or the reasons they fled its ruling elite. Haunted by a grandmother she barely knew, her own heritage lies hidden in the vast shadows of the Rocky Mountains. Caught in the boom-and-bust town of Victoria during its power struggle in colonial British Columbia, Kate faces the laws and ambitions of men to protect her only legacy – her daughter. But whose family secrets will decide her fate?  

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Published July 2020, Nonfiction novel: historical, Trade paperback, 408 pages, ISBN 978-1-7770408-0-2  

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Dimensions: 15.24 × 22.86 × 3 cm

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