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The Serpentine Garden Path


Edeana Malcolm’s The Serpentine Garden Path draws you into the era of 18th century England romance, as heroine Susan Kirke is torn between two worlds: the proper English woman she was raised to be or following her heart into forbidden love, danger, and adventure unlike anything she’s ever experienced.  The first of four novels in The Compleat Gardener series.

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In 18th century England, exotic pleasure gardens are all the rage, and this is the setting where Susan Kirke, daughter of a gentleman, falls in love with the head gardener on her father’s estate. John Dean, her Mr. Right, is wrong in every way: wrong nationality, a Scot, wrong religion, Presbyterian, and worst of all, wrong class. When they confess their love to her father, he dismisses Dean and forbids Susan to see him again. Sixteen-year-old Susan defies her parents’ attempt to marry her to her cousin, Herbert Fitzwilliam. While attending a masquerade with him, disguised as a man, she escapes to the streets of London in search of the gardener she loves. When she finds Dean, they elope to his hometown of Dundee. On this journey, still in a man’s disguise, she finds that she must live up to the responsibilities of the costume when Dean is captured by a press-gang and she alone can rescue him. The romance ends as every romance must, with a marriage. However, happily ever after is belied in Books 2 and 3.

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