Susan Isaac

Starlight Gown Pendant


Belonging to the “Hope Collection”, the one-of-a-kind ‘Starlight Gown’ wraps us in an elegant starlight gown as we glide into our dreams. Poised softly to capture the last light of the day, Starlight Gown is a visual reminder to seek the stars as we dream, enjoy each moment and to trust our feelings. Light blues, white glass and a subtle sparkle combine to reflect an elegant, delicate take on the resiliency of life.  Fused glass finely finished. 925 sterling silver bale and 1.1 mm rounded seam snake chain adjustable 24" necklace.

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Pendant from the ‘You Can Fly’ Butterfly series, Hope Collection. “In creating the Hope Collection of the ‘You Can Fly’ Butterfly series I invite you to seek the unquenchable flame inside yourself that can light up the sky, knowing your wings will continue to beat through every storm, as they have beat a thousand times before. Imbued with the essence of a butterfly's wing, symbolizing transformation, enjoy this as a symbol of your capacity to find the light that leads you to the other side, and remember, you really can fly.” -Susan Isaas

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Weight: 0.0104 kg

Dimensions: 22 × 18 × 4 cm

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