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Sobriety Kit


If you are... New (or new-ish) to sobriety Excited about mindful, holistic self-care Seeking clear, doable steps for healthy eating + living  Ready to craft a life you love!   ...then I created this kit with YOU in mind.

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It's a fit if you...   Feel bored, flat or uninspired in sobriety Swapped alcohol for sugar, carbs, overeating, or emotional eating Ditched the drink but are still battling other substances or patterns Have an eating addiction or eating disorder Have tried diets or “intuitive eating” without lasting success Feel weighed down by mess + clutter Feel overwhelmed by to-dos + busyness Want to create new schedules + routines Want to feel more energized, lighter + healthier Want to feel at home in your body + your life Are a health practitioner wanting to better support clients while earning 13 PDAs/CEUs This kit includes...

  • Life Design Workbook: Design a life you love, encompassing body-mind-spirit. 
  • Sobriety Look Book: Create mood and vision boards for your new life.
  • Boundary Booklet: Explore how to create, renegotiate and uphold boundaries.
  • Book of Firsts: Track and celebrate your "firsts" in sobriety.
  • Anxiety Toolbox: Snag the tips + tools I use to survive pandemic pandemonium.
  • Daily Routine sheets: Plan out morning, evening and bedtime routines.
  • Recovery + Remembrance prompts: Practice with mindful, actionable prompts.
  • Eating + Recovery: Explore and change your relationship with food through an audio lesson, ebooks, workbook, guided meditations, and handouts.
  • Pocket Protector: Keep a pocket version of daily intentions and mantras nearby.
  • Recovery Piggy Bank: Keep track of the money you're saving by giving up booze.
  • Little Black Book: Mine this gem for quit lit, pods, and other stellar resources.
  • Practitioner Playbook: Use this supplement to better understand and support patients, clients or students in sobriety.

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