Susan Isaac

Quiet Lights


Belonging to the “Hope Collection”, the one-of-a-kind Quiet Lights, glistening white with a hint of rainbow sparkle, gently asks you to remember there is always a hint of fire in your heart calling you to exciting action.

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Pendant from the ‘You Can Fly’ Butterfly series, Hope Collection. “In creating the Hope Collection of the ‘You Can Fly’ Butterfly series I invite you to seek the unquenchable flame inside yourself that can light up the sky, knowing your wings will continue to beat through every storm, as they have beat a thousand times before. Imbued with the essence of a butterfly's wing, symbolizing transformation, enjoy this as a symbol of your capacity to find the light that leads you to the other side, and remember, you really can fly.” -Susan Isaac

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Weight: 0.0104 kg

Dimensions: 22 × 18 × 4 cm

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