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Pacific Blend Canadian Glacial Clay Powder


Take control of your beauty routine with the dry formula of Mudology’s simple, organic, and natural Pacific Blend Clay. Imbued with botanical and natural elements native to our beautiful West Coast, this mask is a testament to the amazing benefits of authentic, natural beauty care. Contains a 50 g (1.76 oz) recyclable zippered pouch with a complimentary soft branded brush for easy application, and as a special bonus Mudology’s signature mixing dish for the full West Coast experience.

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Are you ardently natural and preservatives-adverse? Do you enjoy the quiet, therapeutic ritual of mixing products for custom beauty results? Keep it simple and organic with our dry formula Pacific Blend Clay, a hydrating face mask with ingredients that are harvested by hand from a remote region of BC’s West Coast. Tackle day to day build-up and remove impurities to get your Mudology glow on! Utilizing all our pristine region has to offer, we’ve searched for local harvesters along our driftwood coastline to bring additional Botanicals and Pacific Ocean seaweed to a singular skincare experience. Combined with bio rich minerals, rare elements and naturally occurring vitamins this is a mask that speaks to authentic, natural beauty care. PACIFIC COAST MASK BENEFITS Acne-friendly Removes impurities Revitalizes and promotes healthy skin Visibly smaller pores Absorbs & removes oil We’ve also added the following Canadian Grown Botanicals: Kelp is rich source of minerals & vitamins for optimal skin health Chamomile has compounds to combat inflammation & is anti-bacterial Rosehip has beta-carotene to improve skin elasticity & reduce dark spots Honeysuckle contains natural flavonoids & is a powerful anti-oxidant & detoxifier Cucumber is a natural anti-oxidant and leaves skin feeling hydrated and smooth Seabuckthorn is nutrient rich & high in fatty acids & proteins to promote healing This at-home clay mask is our Pacific Blend formula, friendly for all skin types. It comes in a 50g recyclable zippered pouch with a complimentary soft branded brush for easy application. You'll get 10-15 facials from each package! We’ve also added our signature mixing dish, reminiscent of the mountains we’re surrounded by for the full West Coast experience!

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Weight: 0.135 kg

Dimensions: 8 × 6 × 14 cm

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