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Great for an afternoon of fun! Team-based mysteries are ideal for camp groups, work pods, and family feuds. All you need is a computer and a brain to get started! 6-60+ guest  |  1-2 hours

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We’ve moved the mystery to the web! As business models adapt and folks face physical distancing, we’re shifting some of our content to be available onscreen. Online murder mysteries mean, not only that you can participate from the comfort of your own home, but that you can connect with teammates from all over the world! Working in small teams, you’ll get to interview character witnesses, go over the evidence, and decide amongst you whodunnit. Enigmatic Events Collective concocts mysteries good for the whole family, so folks of all ages can join in the detective work. Vital casework will be sent out to each team prior to the investigation and character witnesses are played by Enigmatic Owners Chris and Natasha. Currently available to play as an online murder mystery: Messages of Death The Crump family needs closure, but death stands in the way. Midshire, small town, UK 1931. Inspector Catchem needs your help to solve a wicked crime. This morning, the will of one Lord Crump should have been read and his estates divided, but something has gotten in the way… A dastardly death!  With the help of the Inspector and some of the members of the Crump family household, use your investigative skills to find out whodunnit, so that everyone can get what they deserve. Using clues from the scene, family affairs, and testimony from the characters, your guests can solve the crime.

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