Susan Isaac

Nature Under Glass


Belonging to the Courage Collection, Nature Under Glass is an exciting close-up of the mysterious realm of flora and fauna that surrounds you every day. Swirls of vibrant blues, pink, black, translucent glass and a carefully placed bubble combine to create a pendant that invites you to explore the unexamined. Even the simplest exploration takes courage because it challenges you to look at life more deeply and with care. To put aside your assumptions to explore what is, instead of what you might want it to be. What do you see in the depths of Nature Under Glass?

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Pendant from the ‘You Can Fly’ Butterfly series, Courage Collection. “Courage is not knowing whether you will fly, but knowing you must take the leap. In creating the Courage Collection of the ‘You Can Fly’ Butterfly series I hope to remind you that the light inside of you is brighter than the darkest of days. Imbued with the essence of a butterfly's wing, symbolizing transformation, enjoy this as a symbol of the immense power you hold within yourself, and remember, you really can fly.” -Susan Isaac

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Weight: 0.0104 kg

Dimensions: 22 × 18 × 4 cm

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