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Mona’s Mysteries


California is a landscape full of surprises and geological wonders. On the backside of Yosemite National Park lies an ancient lake rich in high salt and alkaline water. These minerals in Mono Lake give curious rise to tufa towers and grow an inch per year above the waterline. They stand like sentinels guarding the foothills of the Cascadia mountains at first light. “Mona’s Mysteries” - California Canvas stretched, 24 x 36 inches Available in various print sizes on paper or canvas, framed or unframed.

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Not only did my father introduce me to photography, in his Irish Gaelic traditions, he taught me the value of a good story. I love sharing the stories behind my images. They provide context and bring the viewer along on the adventure of getting the shot. Images bring us together in witnessing, understanding and respecting other cultures or the beauty of mother earth. We grow in compassion for all of humanity and see that we are not all that different from one another. I strive to grow as both a photographer and a storyteller. I am in my happy place when behind the camera where everything else disappears and it's just me and the scene through my lens. I love it when someone is drawn into the scene and sees it as I did or sees a completely different perspective! I set a high standard for the quality of my images. This starts with the complexities of my Canon 5D SR camera, my collection of lenses, my professional Epson printers and the fine art archival papers I print on. It always makes me a bit sad when one of my images sells; like losing a dear friend loaded with amazing memories! It makes me very happy to see my prints going to good homes and hear how they brighten a room and cause many pauses to their time while staring into the imagery weaving their own story into it.

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