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House of Crows


Edeana Malcolm’s House of Crows follows the lives of three women as their journeys weave together, telling of the history of Victoria, women, and the challenges that they have faced throughout history. Grandmother, mother, and daughter forge a path of infinite possibility for those who come after, while reminding the reader of those who’ve come before us. A historical fiction novel that takes the reader on a journey of the women of our past, and as such brings hope of the great potential of the women who have come after.

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“House of Crows is a captivating read. Three generations. Three women. Three stories that span the formative years between 1852 and 1898, alternating narratives between Edie, the grandmother from Edinburgh, Scotland; Lucy, the mother, who grieves the death of beloved husband; and Maggie, the daughter, who works as a maid for a wealthy family that live on the ocean’s edge. These women forge a path through very challenging times and their stories lay the foundations of possibility and hope for our modern world. Written from seeds scattered through historical sources, the women’s voices in this novel have an authenticity seldom seen in historical writing. They say that crows speak a specific dialect unique to the west coast, and this story captures the language from the vantage point of the newcomer. Author Edeana Malcolm weaves the story of three women into the history of Victoria as it grows from isolated wilderness to burgeoning metropolis. House of Crows reminds us that place is identified by the people who live there and the stories that made them who they are and vice-versa. If you love historical fiction and stories about women by women for women… this is your book!” -Sheri-D. Wilson, D. Litt, C.M., Member of the Order of Canada, Poet Laureate Emeritus of Calgary and author of Open Letter: Woman against Violence against Women

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