Gregory Varano

Fog Over Sooke Basin – Art Print


Archival quality art print


Product Details

Archival quality art prints, personally printed by Gregory Varano.  The artwork’s longevity is ensured both by the extremely fine inks and the high quality, chemically neutral papers used in the printing process. Due to the minute size of pigment-based inks, they blend visually to create beautiful images with seamless tonal gradations and a very wide colour gamut. Colours are highly stable, helping to preserve the quality of the print over time, reducing the likelihood of colour shifts. The cotton rag paper’s acid-free composition prevents prints from degrading over time, keeping the paper tone consistent, and the inks from changing colour due to chemical reaction.  Artworks will look as they should look—their absolute best!—for centuries to come.

  • Hot-press production
  • Chemically neutral
  • Smooth matte finish
  • Stunning colour range
  • 330gsm, 17mil thickness, 98% opacity
Shipping turnaround time for printed artworks is 10 days.

Package Information

Weight: kg

Dimensions: N/A

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