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Culture and Values Training

Enigmatic Events has designed this workshop to engage you and your core team. With a focus on the business’s culture and values, we use games, discussion, and personal storytelling to build a solid foundation for the culture as you grow. 2-8 People  |  1-3 Hours Prices for this engagement range based on group size, time constraints, and follow-up needs.  

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“Culture eats strategy for lunch” – Peter Drucker, Management Consultant & Author Culture and values are buzzwords across start-up and business development literature. They are also key to helping businesses scale up from a set of founders to an effective team of twenty-plus. As teams grow, the personal day-to-day communication with the founding team will fade into a more general company attitude. So, the team needs to be able to share the core values of the business with those newer to its family. To do this, the leaders must express these values and culture in the day-to-day operations of the team. Culture and values should not just be a list of words on a web page no one reads. The founding team’s actions and reactions through everyday actions and difficult decision making will be reflected by the rest of the company as it grows. This expansion can be much harder when there are mixed messages involved. Thus, defining elements of value early can avoid the pain of a fractured company culture later on. Aligning work culture with eight people is much harder than with eighty. Course Outline

  • Card-based games to build a common set of values.
  • A facilitated discussion to build them into a related whole.
  • Exercises to understand how discussed values can be put into use as part of the company culture.
  • A draft of your company values.
  • Common team understanding on how to live the words.
  • Comprehension of expectations of company members, present and future.

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