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A Garden In The Wilderness


Edeana Malcolm’s A Garden in the Wilderness is the final installment of the Deans’ journey as they make their new home in Nova Scotia. As both Susan and John struggle to adapt to their new surroundings, amending their skills to best suit their new home and family of ten, this novel is a testament to love, family, death, and survival. The last installment in The Compleat Gardener series.

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A Garden in the Wilderness is the story of the Deans’ first year in Nova Scotia, beginning the day their New York-bound ship is boarded by the British and taken to Halifax Harbour. They learn to deal with the difficulties of pioneer life in remote Upper Musquodoboit including meeting the natives, clearing the land, finding enough to eat, and even providing clothes from scratch for a family of ten. Death visits the family and each of them learns to deal with it in their own way. This novel, based on the true story of the author's ancestors, describes in compelling detail life in a pioneer settlement in Nova Scotia in 1795. Susan Kirke, born in an English mansion, marries her father's gardener John Dean and ends up in the New World with her eight children in a log cabin. The Deans arrive in Upper Musquodoboit at the onset of winter. Susan's early life of leisure left her ill-equipped to deal with the challenge of producing everything her family needs to survive, but her neighbours and children are captivated by her tales of her former life. John Dean, having worked all his life as a pleasure gardener for the idle rich in the Old World, turns his skills to cutting down trees and planting crops with the help of his sons. In the end, they discover how difficult it is to create a garden in this wilderness. Edeana Malcolm discovered the story of Susan Kirke and John Dean while researching the genealogy of her maternal grandfather Everett Dean and his family in Nova Scotia. The couple's scandalous love story and subsequent journey to Nova Scotia inspired her not only to write this historic novel, but also to pen a trilogy about their early years in England, Scotland, and Ireland.

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