Annett Schneider

8 Week QHAT Quantum Healing Activation Technique Training for Practitioners


In each class we are working with the frequency, learning how to use it (giving and receiving healing), Learning to connect to the consciousness of the body, receive messages, how to work with clients to protect your energy field, chakra clearing and activation to access higher frequency, messages from Angels and masters for the group and how to raise your personal frequency for transforming your life. The course can be used as a personal transformation tool as well as using it as a practitioner to be free of pain, connect to your higher self and live your true purpose.

    This course is for you if:
  • You want to learn a technique you can use to "power up" your healing and see fast results
  • You want to be able to heal specific physical or emotional pain or illness
  • Learn how to live and manifest using the heart frequency, and working with the subconscious mind to reprogram yourself
  • You want to do energy healing remotely or in person for yourself or others
  • You want to strengthen your inner connection and communication with the wisdom of your body
  • You are a healer or want to become a healer and expand your healing abilities
  • You want to connect with other healers and spiritual community

What you will learn:
  • Using heart frequency to clear the energy pattern in the cell causing the imbalance. Connecting to the consciousness and innate wisdom of the body to heal itself
  • This course is an experiential transformational training that will help you become more of your authentic self; a transition from your old identity to the true you.
  • Experience physical and emotional pain relief
  • Working with sending and receiving heart frequency quantum energy
  • Receiving chakra clearing and activations to easier access the energy
  • How to protect your energy field and stay balanced when working with others
  • How to communicate with your higher self via self muscle testing
  • How to connect with the sacred heart to access high frequency that can create what would be considered “miracle healing”
  • Receive powerful messages about your life and health from guides and angels
  • Receive healing in every module as you work through the program
  • Move bones into place and strengthen your clairaudient, clairsentient and clairvoyant abilities

Product Details

16 classes total: The format of the course is a conference call recorded class

  • 1.5 hour classes with students x 8
  • 8 live training sessions. Where you will be using the frequency, get your questions answered and strengthen your ability and connection to receive messages from the body, your inner guidance and medical spirit guides.

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