Privacy Policy

The Isla Spotlight is committed to maintaining the accuracy, confidentiality, “ and security of both buyers and vendors/partners.” “As part of this agreement, the policy governs the Isla Spotlight staff verbal and nonverbal communication as they relate to the gathering, use”,  and disclosure of personal information.”The Isla Spotlight privacy policy is based upon the values set by the Canadian Standards Association’s Model Code for the protection of personal information and Canada’s personal information protection and electronic documents act. 

  1. Introduction

The Isla Spotlight is responsible for maintaining and protecting the personal information of our buyers and vendors/partners. The Isla Spotlight team have designated one person or a group of individuals whose sole responsibilities are for compliance with this privacy policy. 

  1. Identify Purposes

The Isla Spotlight will collect, use, and disclose information to provide the buyer with the product or service they have requested. The Isla Spotlight will offer buyers additional products and service that may appeal to them. The purposes for which the Isla Spotlight team will have clearly identified before or at the time that the information is collected. The purpose of the information collected will be clear and will require  consent, (e.g. a buyer or vendor/partner’s name, address, “or desired payment information provided as part of the order and registration process).”

  1. Consent

Knowledge and consent are required for the gathering, usage, and disclosure of personal information except when required or permitted by Canadian law. Providing the Isla Spotlight with their personal data is always a choice of a buyer or vendor/partner. However, “  while it is the buyer or vendor/partner’s right to choose not to offer certain personal data, this may  hinder the Isla Spotlight’s team to provide desired products or services”. The Isla Spotlight will not require any buyer or partner to consent to the gathering, usage, or disclosure of information as a condition to the supply except as required to efficiently supply the desired opportunities or items in question. 

  1. Limiting Collection

Personal data collected will be only details necessary for the purposes identified by the Isla Spotlight team (see above). With the buyer or vendor/partner’s consent,  the Isla Spotlight team will gather information in person, over the phone, internet (Google Meet, email, website, etc.) or through the mail. 

  1. Limiting Use, Disclosure and Retention

Personal data may only be used or disclosed for the action for which the buyer or vendor/partner has consented to or when it is called for by Canadian law. Personal information obtained by any buyer or vendor/partner will only be obtained for a  set period of time to fill the purpose for which it is gathered or requested by Canadian law. 

  1. Accuracy

Personal data will be maintained as accurate, complete, and up to date as is necessary to fulfill the process for which it is to be used. 

  1. Safeguarding customer and Partner Information

Personal data will be protected with security safeguards that are necessary as dependent on the sensitivity level of the information being gathered. The Isla Spotlight team takes high precautions precautions to ensure buyer and vendor/partner’s  personal information  is protected from any imagined loss, unauthorized usage, entry, or disclosure. 

  1. Openness

The Isla Spotlight team will make personalized data available to the buyer or vendor/partner  concerning its policies and practices regarding the overseeing  of their personal information. 

  1. Customer Access

Upon request, a buyer or vendor/partner will be made aware of the existing usage and disclosure of the personal data that they will be given access to. The buyer or vendor/partner  will be asked to verify the accuracy and completeness of the personal data. At any point, a request can be made to change the   personal data if necessary. However, it should be noted that there may be situations permitted by Canadian law, that the Isla Spotlight team may not be able to disclose certain desired data, (“The Isla Spotlight team will not disclose personal data relating to the buyer or  vendor/partner  if other persons are cited or if there are legal, security,  or commercial prosperous restrictions”)”

  1. Handling Customer Complaints and Suggestions

Any individual may direct any question or inquires with respect to the privacy policy or any of the practices held by the Isla Spotlight by contacting through mail, email, or via our website: 

The Isla Spotlight
800-1070 Douglas Street
Victoria, BC, V8W 2C4

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