One Voice

One Voice, short for The One Voice Institute of Elemental Ethics and Education, utilizes the wealth of industry experience contributed through its members and network to provide management consultation services and carry out community engagement initiatives. The team defines itself as a brain trust of problem solvers geared at addressing world wide issues.

​Its reputation as such began in 2009, when the Directors Rosanna Pittella and Philip Rotstein started the company in Pennsylvania. In addition to delivering solutions for global corporations, the team took on issues related to the practices and politics of education. One Voice hosted conferences for educators internationally and across the United States. These conferences welcomed university professors and k-12 teachers from over 60 countries. The One Voice team provided a voice and platform for collaboration and problem solving through teaching and partnered research. In 2012 One Voice started the WebTalk Radio program “Voice of American Education” as well as published the book How Deconstructing the American School System will Reconstruct the American Dream

​In 2019 the Directors relocated to Victoria, BC and have begun a focus on uplifting Vancouver Island artists and entrepreneurs through the Isla Spotlight.

Visit One Voice Institute website for more information.​