Customer Service Policy

The Isla Spotlight is committed to providing online consumers with a wonderful shopping experience each and every time. Any customer that requires assistance can depend on full resolution from the customer service team. Every member of the Isla Spotlight is dedicated to ensuring customers’ long-term satisfaction with every product or service purchased. 

At the Isla Spotlight, business principles center on dignity, respect, high ethical standards, and equal access for all of its customers. These principles are reflected in this organization’s policies, procedures, and the staff’s communication with every customer. When dealing with an Isla Spotlight customer service representative, its customers can expect them to be friendly, respectful, enthusiastic & attentive in regard to their concerns through email, website, or phone. 

Customer Service Standards 

Your Shopping Experience 

When visiting the Isla Spotlight online platform, customers should feel welcome. The Isla Spotlight team, will always be friendly, enthusiastic, and very knowledgeable about its products and services. If a customer needs help, a representative will be available to assist. The Isla Spotlight team is thankful for its customers trusting the organization and want them to return in the future. 

Refunds or Exchanges

The Isla Spotlight  represents countless artists and entrepreneurs. The Isla Spotlight team will facilitate appropriate refunds or exchanges by negotiating directly with the originating vendor on behalf of the customer.  

Resolving problems 

Despite the best efforts of The Isla Spotlight customer service team, problems can occur on a e commerce platform. You can request assistance through email Please report all problems to the website (Contact Us-provide link), or call us at 250-884-0500, or through email at . A member of the Isla Spotlight customer service team will handle them as soon as possible, and communicating with the customer in the following manner: 

  1. Wither through email, website or over the telephone, the customer service representative will greet the customer warmly, while asking/clarifying for all the relevant information needed to address the question/concern. 

  2. The customer service representative will try to address the question or concern as quickly as possible. If additional assistance is needed, upper customer service management will be called immediately. 

  3. At all times, regardless of the customer’s communication with the representative, the  employee will be friendly, courteous, calm, and supportive. 

Customer Feedback

The Isla Spotlight team actively encourages  customers to offer feedback  about the  products and services promoted on the ecommerce platform by  various partners/vendors. Customers of the Isla Spotlight’s concerns, suggestions and praise are essential elements to the ecommerce platform’s success. Any concerns brough by the Isla Spotlight customers are taken very seriously , and will be addressed quickly, efficiently, and fairly. Anyone can share their feedback  on the website or call us at 250-884-0500, or through email at .