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mary e coakley

mary e coakley Photography
Sooke, BC, Canada

Take a glimpse into the wonders of the world through Mary's lenses. Follow her and witness the magic she has captured through her fine art images and products. Let her creativity inspire curiosity within, evoke powerful emotions, and take you on a journey of adventures.

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About mary e coakley

“I want to invite others to come travel with me. To witness moments captured with the same wonder and awe as I saw them; to be in that moment. To invite curiosity and inspire others to travel to far far away places, or just head out to wild places in their own area.” – mary e coakley

As a professional photographer and artist, mary e coakley brilliantly captures the essence of beauty, love, and light through her lenses. Her passion for photography was ignited at a very young age, being first introduced to photography by her father. The freedom of her childhood molded her creative mind and inspired her love for nature. Mary’s thirst for adventure and unbounding energy make up the foundations of her art. Her passion for photography has always drawn her to adventure and travel – exploring the far-off corners of the world and immersing herself in the wonders of the unknown. She has travelled near and far, building art collections inspired by the brilliance of worldly cultures and nature’s bounty, and she invites others to transcend beyond the limits of physicality to experience the depths of her artistry.

Mary dove head first into the complexities of the digital world in 2007, and with surprising enthusiasm she quickly learned the benefits of modern technology. The ‘digital darkroom’ allows Mary to bring the image to life while remaining true to her original piece. Her style retains the reality of the image as shot, avoiding creative alteration. Mary’s studio comes fully equipped with high-quality printers, which extends her creative process to control the final output of the image, having the flexibility to print in almost any size, and on high quality archival Epson paper and canvas.

Mary’s ‘Wild West Coast’ Collection is ultimately inspired by the beautiful nature of forests, beaches, and mountains that surround her home in Sooke. Mary continues to create fine art products with an ever-evolving perspective and imagination. She gives meaning to the art of photography and believes in the power of imagery. She doesn’t just take photographs; she unveils the beauty of the world in its purest nature.