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Marcela Strasdas

Marcela Strasdas Fine Art
Victoria, BC, Canada

There is great inspiration in our everyday life. There are scenes to be painted and enjoyed everywhere I look. The secret is just to make time and get it done.

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About Marcela Strasdas

Marcela Strasdas is an Argentinian-Canadian painter who loves painting landscapes, still-lifes, and florals mostly in acrylics and oils. She is greatly inspired by her love of travelling and gardening which she translates into colourful, vibrant paintings depicting the beauty found in everyday life. Nearly 20 years ago, during one of the busiest times of her life, Marcela found herself enamoured with the world of art. She joined a local art club where she was exposed to a variety of artistic media and styles of work. During those first years, the time that Marcela devoted to her painting became sacred, a time that she could dedicate to herself. She has taken numerous  workshops and classes that have shaped her into the artist she is today.

Marcela has learned to go beyond words, combining the passion and excitement she feels in looking at the world around her, and transforming it through colour and shape into a much more eloquent form. In her work, Marcela gets to instill her experiences: the smell, sound, shape, colour, darks, and lights of a moment, invoking memories and freezing them in time. Preferring to focus on the good, the positive, and the beautiful in the world, she is constantly inspired by the simple wonders in nature around her, Marcela welcomes communication and connection. Knowing that often people don’t pursue their dreams because they may seem too big or unattainable, she always wants to encourage others to take the steps needed to reach their goals. With a strong belief that there is no end to learning and growing as an artist, Marcela continues to study and learn as much as possible in her day-to-day life.