Culinary Arts

Lorisa Watt

Fudge Adorned Novelties Ltd.
Sooke, BC

I believe everyone should experience the joys of some sweetness in life, without the fear of impacting their health. I try to provide enough options for the whole family to enjoy by bringing a little sweetness to everyone’s taste buds while in-keeping with a variety of dietary restrictions.

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About Lorisa Watt

After decades spent working in a career that took Lori Watt away from her home on Vancouver Island, she sought to find an avenue in which she could share her experience in health and immerse herself in new and exciting opportunities. Fudge Adorned Novelties was born from this search, combining Lori’s love of baking, creativity, and desire to provide tasty treats to people who struggle to satisfy their cravings while up-keeping certain dietary restrictions.

Three years ago, Lori experienced a health scare that forced her to re-evaluate her lifestyle. From this, she was introduced to the ketogenic diet, where in the span of 24 weeks she lost over 80 lbs and she realized that overall health is not something that can be applied to everyone the same way. The goal of Fudge Adorned Novelties is to utilize this philosophy in their products: as they aspire to provide scrumptious treats to their customers no matter their dietary restrictions. They are currently expanding their product line to include options for keto, vegan, and diabetic needs. As such, when you come across Fudge Adorned Novelties you know that you will find a treat for the whole family, whether it be traditional fudge to satisfy the sweet tooth or delicious vegan fat bombs for those with stricter dietary restrictions. Available both at your local farmer’s market and for all of your event and function needs Fudge Adorned Novelties is there to supply sweet treats for every need!

Fudge Adorned Novelties continues to grow and evolve as Lori learns the ins and outs of a business that is entirely new to her. After taking over the company in March 2019 they decided to take Fudge Adorned Novelties in an entirely new direction, fostering a lifestyle company that they will transform into something truly great for both existing and new customers. Already many lessons have been learned and incorporated into their vision for the company, and Lori is excited to continue to grow, adapt, and create delicious confections for the people of Vancouver Island and beyond.