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Melissa Labelle

Wychbury Ave
Victoria, BC

Inspired by colour, we create body care products that are easy on the earth and our bodies while bringing joy to our daily routine. Wychbury Ave has grown from a passion project into a sustainable way to meet our needs and give back to the community in one bubbly package.

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Handmade soaps and body products for joyful living.

About Melissa Labelle

Wychbury Ave is run by one person so every product is created with intention and completely made by hand, one soap, one bottle at a time.” – Melissa Labelle  

For Melissa Labelle, curiosity was the drive behind the establishment of Wychbury Ave, always liking to have knowledge of the ingredients used in her body care products and for these products to be sustainably and ethically made – it was difficult to find anything that checked all of these boxes. The only solution was to begin making her own. 

In 2011, Melissa biked over 2000 km on a cycling tour with thirteen other women on The Otesha Project to teach communities about environmental sustainability and social justice. After delivering over 30 performances about how to reduce unnecessary plastics in our everyday life and prevent human rights abuses, she wanted to put those solutions into practice and decided to make my own bath and body products with fair trade and ethically sourced ingredients, using only plastic-free and reusable packaging.

In 2014, in the middle of a maternity leave from teaching, Melissa transformed her basement into a soap-making studio and joined a community of like-minded individuals who were starting a farmers market. Starting with tiny batches of only 7 bars at a time, she made, cut and packaged each batch herself, printing her own labels and learning the ins and outs of business as she went. She found a used bicycle trailer, and started towing her entire market setup back and forth to the Esquimalt Farmers Market each Thursday, while stocking local shops in Victoria with her soaps, and is now selling from her online shop and over 12 retailers across Vancouver Island. 

Melissa’s dream began as a mission to show others how to enjoy the products we love while reducing waste and caring for people and the planet at the same time. She continues to provide vegan, palm oil-free, and fair trade products through her shop and educate others through workshops and daily insights on social media. 

Melissa is passionate about giving back and supporting the community and therefore Wychbury Ave donates 25 cents from every soap sale to organizations that support women in need.