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Jake Hawley

Jake Hawley Visuals
Victoria, BC, Canada

Photography is my life. Simple as that. My goal is to showcase the beauty in the world, one shot at a time. I am tirelessly pursuing beautiful, extraordinary, revolutionary moments, including yours. It’s your moment, I’m here to help you bring that moment to life.

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Capturing the Moment

About Jake Hawley

Jake Hawley’s love of photography is built upon the philosophy of truly experiencing the moments that matter. When he first picked up a camera it wasn’t the beauty or technique that drew him further into the art, but the thrill of being in the moment, having fun, and preserving a memory. The more time that Jake spent holding a camera, the more he knew that this is what he truly wanted to be doing. Slowly but surely he began to teach himself the intricacies of technique, colour, and light, finding new ways to create interest, depth, and excitement in the everyday moment.

After exploring the music and festival scene of Kingston, Ontario Jake began to crave something more, and in 2019 moved to Victoria, BC to continue his adventure focusing on wildlife photography. As the planet continues to suffer, Jake wants to strive for positive change, using his photography skills to make a difference. His hope is that through his art he can highlight the beautiful creatures of our world, and encourage humanity to work harder to save them. Mesmerized by the infinite seas, unending forests, and impossibly high mountains, Jake seeks to experience something spectacular each day, and share it with the world.

Jake’s process changes with every shot: wildlife, music, products, and models all require a different eye and fresh approach. One of his favourite aspects of his craft is the uncontrollability, the rush in pursuing a moment, trying to capture something forever in mere seconds. For Jake the feeling that he gets when catching that once in a lifetime moment is almost indescribable. A person can plan as much as they want, but for Jake Hawley, it’s about being in the moment, thinking on your toes, and letting the subject tell its own story.