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Enigmatic Events Collective

Chris Rudram and Natasha Guerra
Victoria, BC, Canada

At Enigmatic Events Collective we use theatre, games, and creative problem solving to produce interactive events that are designed to be fun and mentally engaging! We believe in promoting good communication and building trust. By providing a shift from the everyday focus during our events, we see a wider level of engagement between people.

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About Enigmatic Events Collective

The Enigmatic Events Collective philosophy is to foster connections that allow for better communication. Armed with the belief that engaging problem-solving activities are a key ingredient to quality entertainment, and with that in mind their unique and interactive designs that provide an ideal learning environment in a fun format that encourages the development of interpersonal relationships. No matter who you are connecting with, be it friends, family, co-workers, or team members, Enigmatic Events creates a space where you can engage freely through games, mysteries, and puzzles.

Founded in 2015, Enigmatic Events was born from the desire to build an interesting and fun experience that transcends the everyday and encourages personal growth and understanding of how their self and others approach the world. Together, Chris Rudram and Natasha Guerra, along with their team of skilled performers, design creative and innovative interactive experiences that combine the power of storytelling and play to stimulate learning in an exciting and unique environment. From murder mysteries, to treasure hunts, to interactive puzzles and gameplay Enigmatic Events Collective strives to stimulate the mind, while encouraging interpersonal growth and communication between team members.

Enigmatic Events Collective builds events that aid clients in understanding the thought processes, needs, and values of their team, which boosts productivity and helps relationships grow. With the belief that everyone should be able to take part in events, they ensure that there is always something accessible to everyone. Whether you are looking to find a fresh and engaging way to interact and connect with team members, or for a fun new experience with your friends and family Enigmatic Events has an experience waiting for you!