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Deborah Czernecky

Spinning Dog Studio
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

The wonders of nature are part of what inspired me to start “en plein air” painting. Everything has a greater meaning than what is seen before us. That’s why, wherever you go, there is always something new to see and be in awe about. Soak it in.

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The colours of nature.

About Deborah Czernecky

“Painting gives me a feeling of great freedom and a reason to explore or go see what is around the next corner” – Deborah Czernecky

Deborah Czernecky is an established Canadian Artist who comes from a family with an array of artistic abilities. Growing up in the interior of British Columbia she developed a life-long passion for paint and nature, particularly in its spirituality, and having traveled widely from ‘coast to coast to coast’, Deborah likes to refer to Canada as her ‘big backyard’. In pursuit of her love of painting, Deborah has extended her travels across the globe, inspired by the variety of scenery that heightens the sense of colour, formation, and pattern within her works.

Deborah is an Elected Member of the Society of Canadian Artists (SCA) and an Active Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA). While primarily an “en plein air” painter, she has produced a diverse body of work ranging from the raw power of the majestic Canadian Rockies to the serenity of an early “Morning Row” in the mist on the lake (selected by Ducks Unlimited for its 2018 Art Portfolio). From the ghostly aura of medieval Templar temples to the enthusiastic joy of colourful bicycles in Costa Rica. Whether it’s painting on location or in the studio, Deborah combines her dynamic palette with elements of abstraction and traditional realism to convey the essence of the subject matter.

Being immersed constantly in the beauty of the outdoors, Deborah has the opportunity to share her experiences through her artwork. Inspired by each element nature brings, from rattlesnake encounters to the forces of nature, Deborah believes there is a greater meaning to what we see in front of us. To her, a tree is not just a tree but it’s a symbol of life and growth, and although nature is key to her inspiration, so is the community she is surrounded by. She enjoys being able to create relationships with the public through questions they ask about her art, her passion, and her story.

When Deborah is not painting, she continues her love for teaching, having taught classes part time. Her philosophy for teaching drawing or painting is “No Stress” as she wants her students to enjoy the moment while learning the foundations of these mediums.