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Dana Leigh Lyons

Doctor of Chinese Medicine
Alchemist Sobriety
Victoria, BC, Canada

In changing my relationship with food, alcohol, and boundaries, I changed my health, body, and life. I know the alchemy of holistic medicine, mindfulness and minimalism works…and how amazing life can be on the other side. Sharing this is my heart's work. My recovery. My sobriety. It is alive for me in life and practice.

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About Dana Leigh Lyons

Dr. Dana Leigh Lyons is the owner of Alchemist Sobriety, offering custom plans to help women who are newly sober or sober curious craft lives they love. Through long-distance coaching packages and deep dives, she crafts routines that are healthy, simple and just right for you. Her work is an alchemy of Chinese Medicine, mindful eating, and minimalism. A Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Primal Health Coach and instructor, she also owns sister business Alchemist Academy, offering online kits and courses. Dana holds a Master’s degree from Georgetown University and completed her 5-year Doctor of Chinese Medicine training at the Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences, in British Columbia. She is currently based in Victoria, BC, where she teaches at Pacific Rim College and works remotely with women all over the world.

For Dana, getting honest about her eating patterns (in particular, anorexia and sugar addiction) was painful. It was also a key piece in her own healing and shaped her practice as a doctor. After a health crisis in her 20s Dana had to face how her eating needed to change and take the smallest baby steps on her way to recovery. More recently, she has entered into a new chapter of both emotional sobriety and sobriety from alcohol.

Dr. Dana has treated and coached hundreds of patients and clients, while leading more than a hundred group sessions at addiction treatment centres and teaching addiction treatment training for healthcare students and professionals. She has been an instructor since 2016, teaching courses that include Advanced Therapeutics, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Chinese Medicine Psychology, and Holistic Nutrition, playing a primary role in developing this curriculum. This decades-long, still unfolding journey fills Dana’s heart with compassion for those on a similar path while fueling a soul-level desire to ease the way for others, providing the sort of wisdom, inspiration, and support that she always needed but couldn’t always find.