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Cheryl Westergard

Autumn and Oak Leather
Victoria, BC, Canada

Autumn and Oak Leather was born from a desire to create sustainable, purposeful, and design-focused bags. In our current environment, it is essential to invest in handcrafted products that survive the passage of time. My exploration of the art world and creative influence from my family has formed what Autumn and Oak Leather is today.

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About Cheryl Westergard

Autumn and Oak Leather is dedicated to providing meticulously handcrafted, beautiful, and unique leather handbags that are born of innovative design, creativity, and a life-long love for fashion and leather. Owner/Creator, Cheryl Westergard, believes in providing quality products from natural materials that celebrate the durability and sustainability of environmentally responsible leatherwork, while preserving the aesthetic and functionality of a truly great product.

Creativity, art, and a true love for leather have long been intrinsic to Cheryl’s world. Growing up she was encouraged to follow her artistic passions, and quickly she found herself inspired by the work of her parents themselves. Watching as her mother created her family’s clothing, often taking pieces from her own, and her father who carved, stamped, and created wonders from leather, led to an exciting journey into the art world, eventually becoming the initial ingredients for the creation of Autumn and Oak Leather in itself. In using the same tools passed down to her from her father, both history and love can be felt in each hand-drawn design, giving each piece a unique and enticing feel.

Cheryl’s natural craftsmanship and devotion to leather speaks beyond the beauty of her hand-made bags, bridging the gap between sustainability and fashion through her commitment to quality, durability, and environmental responsibility. In utilizing materials that are predominantly animal by-products that have been ethically and sustainably raised for use in the food industry, Autumn and Oak Leather products are made with the highest quality that will last her customers a lifetime. Cheryl’s craftsmanship is a product of years of practice and dedication to her art, and through this Autumn and Oak Leather invites others to appreciate the history, beauty, and depth of her one-of-a-kind creations.