About Isla

The Isla Spotlight is dedicated to uplifting, supporting,and  promoting the artists,   creatives,  and entrepreneurs of Vancouver Island.  Our teams’ goal is to aid our talented partners in strengthening their business and becoming the global assets we know them to be. Amongst the beauty and majesty of Vancouver Island, there are pitfalls, such as the Island’s dependency on an unsustainable seasonal and tourism-based economy that has deeply affected local small business owners and creatives, especially with recent events. The Isla Spotlight was envisioned as a support network, both economically and collaboratively, to increase local awareness  of our talented community and become a profitable and stable income for our partners outside the Island’s typical economic pattern. 

The Isla Spotlight is designed to unite the  artists and entrepreneurs of Vancouver Island, showcasing them within our local community, and in the future on a global scale.We have designed the Spotlight with our community in mind, promoting the unique and extraordinary entrepreneurs of Vancouver Island, sharing their story, promoting their wares and employing a network of unlimited opportunities to create in collaboration.  

As you explore our platform you will encounter a myriad of creatives engaging in varying artforms, businesses, and perspectives. The Isla Spotlight seeks to be a network for all, encouraging collaboration across disciplines, celebrating works of all jurisdictions. 

Access to support and business consultation are offered by The Isla Spotlight through our parent company One Voice Institute of Elemental Ethics and Education Inc., at zero upfront cost to our Partners. Please read our partner handshake agreement for more details (link to document). 

Our platform is always changing, please join our mailing list for updates on everything Isla (Link to the registration of the mailing list). 

We are always searching for new Partners! If you are an interested artist, creative or entrepreneur curious about our services, click here (link for our specific services and for vendors/partners to register their products).  

“The staff of the One Voice Institute of Elemental Ethics and Education Inc.”, along with many of the talented entrepreneurs and artists of Vancouver Island have joined forces to create the Isla Spotlight platform. To learn more about the One Voice team, go to https://www.onevoiceinstitute.com/about-us